A symphony of soft ivory shades

A hint of precious gold frames the fine Premium Bone Porcelain of the Ivoire collection. The soft creams and gold fillets flatter the shiny white relief structures like pretty ribbons. This gives your table a warm charm that leaves a classic yet contemporary look. You’ll always have everything you need for elegant occasions with Ivoire.

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Ivoire Bread&Butter Plate 18 Cm

1,859.50 EGP

Ivoire Breakfast Cup 0.40L

1,957.76 EGP

Ivoire Buffet Plate 30Cm

4,172.51 EGP

Ivoire Cake Plate 30 Cm

5,128.06 EGP

Ivoire Coffee/Tea Cup 0.20L

1,617.60 EGP

Ivoire Coffeepot 6 Pers 1.35L

8,299.69 EGP

Ivoire Creamer 6 Pers 0.25L

2,842.16 EGP

Ivoire Deep Plate 24Cm

2,449.08 EGP

Ivoire Espresso Cup 0.10L

1,466.43 EGP

Ivoire Flat Plate 27 Cm

2,449.08 EGP

Ivoire Individual Bowl 13Cm

1,957.76 EGP

Ivoire Oval Platter 35Cm

6,833.25 EGP